November 22, 2015

Volar per sobre de Barcelona (when a dream comes true)

photos by Styrous®

Five years ago today, I had one of my dreams about Barcelona realized. When I first got there in June, I had seen the beautiful building on the right and thought to myself that the view from the top of it must be spectacular.  

It is the building where the Institut del Paisatge Urba i la Qualitat de Vida (Institute of Urban Landscape and Quality of Life) is located. My goodness! Ok, that means, "Protecting, maintaining and improving landscape values that shape Barcelona's image, and ensuring the orderly and rational use of the urban landscape, as a decisive tool for conserving the environment." The institute promotes Barcelona and its urban development model as a benchmark for all the world's cities.  

I discovered that Xavi, the man from whom we rented our studio on Carme, had his offices in the building and he took me there and allowed me to go on the observation deck that surrounds the top floor. My dream of five months previously was brought to life and I was right; the 360º view is astonishing.   

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Moltes gràcies, Xavi!

volar per sobre de Barcelona
(flying over Barcelona) 

Institut del Paisatge Urba i la Qualitat de Vida
Address - location:
Av. Drassanes, 6-8 pl.20
08001 Barcelona
Tel.: 93 256 25 25

Volar Part 2    

Styrous® ~ Sunday, November 22, 2015   

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