November 28, 2015

Five turkeys footnote

Five years ago today, in Barcelona, we attempted to recreate the stunning success of the Thanksgiving event we had staged two days previously (see "5 turkeys ago" link below) with totally disastrous results.   

Two of our friends, Chema, Maria and their daughter, Candela, had not been able to attend the feast so we decided to re-stage it for them.  

Tom and I packed up the food into one of our suitcases and began the trudge on the Metro to their piso (apartment) on Carrer de Sant Lluís in La Gràcia near Parc Güell which was designed by Antoni Gaudí

Carrer de Sant Lluís in La Gràcia, Barcelona
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We were WAY late as we walked out of our building on Carme but who was walking up the block towards us? Chema, Maria and Candela, we'd neglected to tell them we were bringing the meal to THEM and they thought it was happening at OUR place. If we'd been on time and had left earlier or if they'd been late, we would have missed each other. We would have been standing in the front of their building and they in front of ours; all of us wondering what was going on. This was the only part of the evening that worked out ok. It went down hill from there. 

We went back up to our studio and after talking the situation over, we decided that as the meal was all packed up already, we'd go back to their place. I can't even remember the reasoning for that. Anyway, we all piled on the Metro and went to their place.

Well, after being on our balcony overlooking Carme for two days in the freezing cold, everything was a mess. The potatoes had frozen solid and turned out lumpy; nothing we did could take the lumps out. The turkey was totally dried out and the lovely gravy Tom had made had turned into cement.  

Both Chema and Maria were extremely polite and kept saying it was delicious but the look in their eyes betrayed them.  

 Styrous® ~ Saturday, November 28, 2015

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