January 10, 2015

Théâtre de Babylone ~ Paris



   Théâtre de Babylone

Théâtre de Babylone 1953 program cover 
University of Texas - Austin

The theater of Babylon is a former Parisian entertainment venue located 38 Boulevard Raspail in the 7th arrondissement, in the former offices of the magazine Le Sillon of Marc Sangnier.
Founded by Jean-Marie Serreau, theater is run by a worker cooperative including Jean-Marie Serreau, Max Barrault (brother of Jean-Louis Barrault ), Maurice Cazeneuve, Philippe Grenier, Eleonore Hirt, Maurice Jarre, Claude Morel.
Suzanne Cloutier, became co-owner, product Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.
The theater opens 22 May 1952 with a show consisting of the jar of Luigi Pirandello and of Aldebert Spartacus, played alternately with Beware, Giacomino of Luigi Pirandello with Jean-Marie Serreau, Michel Piccoli, Eleonore Hirt.
In September, two pieces of August Strindberg are presented: The Burnt House, directed Frank Sundström, with Jacqueline Sundström and Miss Julie with François Chaumette and Eleonore Hirt.
On 3 January 1953, Roger Blin creates Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett with Lucien Raimbourg, Pierre Latour, Jean Martin and Serge Lecointe and Roger Blin in the role of Pozzo. The play met with critical and public success, and is played the following season.

 Théâtre de Babylone 1953 program cover 
University of Texas - Austin

reconstruction of 1953 Waiting for Godot set
photo by Vincent Parot  

In, 1953, Jean-Marie Serreau staged All against all of Arthur Adamov, with Laurent Terzieff then in 1954, Camille saw me If Roland Dubillard, Rose winds Claude Spaak with France Descaut and Amedee or How get rid of Eugene Ionesco (creation) with Lucien Raimbourg .
Faced with financial difficulties, the theater closed in September 1954.

- translation of the French text from Wikipedia 

Waiting for Godot - Samuel Beckett 

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