January 4, 2015

Beemer Memory 12: Forty years on with No Name

The No Name
photo by Styrous®


It was 40 years ago today that I met what was to become my soul mate through a convergence of luck, lighting and lust. At the time, I was not aware of the profound impact the event would have on my life; that realization would only come to me many years later.

The Luck

In those days I did not smoke cigarettes, although almost everyone did; I also have not been much of a drinker. Those two facts made bars an extremely uncomfortable venue for me but it was the best place to meet people (the Internet was still years in the future). Sure, there were parties, the beach, the laundromat, the supermarket, etc., but the hot spot was the BAR.

Because of the aforementioned discomfort, if I found someone I liked at a bar, I would not wait around to see if someone better might come along which was a common stratagem used by a lot of guys; the problem was, the tactic often resulted in going home alone when the bar closed (and there was nothing drearier than being alone with a hamburger and fries in the harsh neon glare of the Doggie Diner at 2:30 in the morning). I would make my maneuver, make an arrangement then hop on my bike with someone on the back or following in a car. My modus operandi was a running joke with my friends and I later found out once they had even wagered on how fast I would be out of the place. That night had I left early, as usual, I would have missed my golden opportunity. Timing is everything.  

The Lighting

The bar in question was originally called, The In Between, but by this time it had been renamed, The No Name, because the sign in front of it had fallen off or been removed so there was, actually, no name. You had to know the place was there. The bar was in two sections; the upper and rear one was lit by blue light. Why blue is a total mystery to me as one has to be incredibly handsome to hold up under that hue (see: "Red Light"). In the sea of blue-lit faces was one against the wall with the light from the fire exit sign overhead throwing a red glow on the curly, reddish-blond hair surrounding it to form a fiery, angelic halo. I will NEVER forget that vision nor the feeling of you behind me on the back of my bike.

The Lust

The reason I was there in the first place, PERIOD.


Much has happened in our lives, the world and music (the major influence in my life). We have seen each other through illness, the passing of loved ones and other traumas thrown at us by fate. But we have endured and we have been blessed with adventure, friends, love and each other.

It seems phenomenally predictive and appropriate that the place where we met would be called, The No Name, as there is no name for what we have after all this time.

On our 40th Anniversary!

Styrous® ~ Sunday, January 4, 2015

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