May 28, 2014

Bernard E. Simonson, Jr. ~ The Story Teller: The Elephant

 The Elephant

My experience in Africa was unbelievable and unexpected. The elephant runs wild. They keep the babies in the midst of the heard to protect them. It is well known that the hunters kill the elephants for the ivory tusks. The rhinoceros is also on the hunters list for their horns. That is why it was necessary, under the circumstances, to form a police force to protect them. We refer to them as Rangers; they have an arrangement of official standing. They are indispensable in Africa.

After a short time we found a dead rhino. One of of the rangers said, “I don’t understand it, he was not shot. This is the third one so far that I found. All the horns were intact. It is puzzling; this is a complex problem.”

Then one day as I was walking, I stopped when I saw a young bull elephant attacking a rhino. I shot in the air, the rhino ran off. The young bull elephant was very rowdy. He looked at me, shook his head and moved on. I never experienced anything like this, ever. I was very confused. Why did he attack him? Then it hit me, they were like children with no guidance.

We relocated the elephants back with the young ones. Now they will teach them how to behave. Behaviour is a must for all young ones. Don’t you agree?

The Story Teller

Bernard E. Simonson, Jr. - The Elephant ©2013

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