May 12, 2014

Bernard E. Simonson, Jr. ~ The Story Teller: A Joyous Journey

November 25, 1932 ~ May 12, 2014

                                      Bernard E. Simonson, Jr.
                                                  circa 1946 
                                           photobooth photo

A Joyous Journey

It all started when I met Christine; she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met. She was pleasing to look at; she took my breath away. Needless to say, in time we were going together. What is so amazing was how much we loved each other. We were married in Nevada. Christine was the light of my life. She was at my side for 62 years. She will have my undying love 'til the very end.

We had four wonderful children and many great grand children. Good parenting is a matter of how firmly rooted you are in the soil of common sense. There are few gifts greater then friendship and with love, patience and gentle guidance we can help our children attain this treasure. The joy of my life is my family. In the beginning until the end it was a wonderful experience to grow up with them. Happiness is sharing with the ones you love. Most of us can endure providing we have a loved one at our side; I did.

What is important? Respect, consideration and a strong feeling for others. The loveliest person I know is my wife Christine. What a beauty. At the beginning I knew she was for me. We were always together; our feelings grew more each day. Soon we could read each other's mind. Her voice was very soothing. I never stopped loving her. She is part of me; the best part now and forever. It's amazing that love can transform your life forever. Without your love, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

I can recall a time when the boys and I went together to the zoo on a Sunday. "That's marvelous having a lion and a monkey in the same cage." said one of the boys. "How do they get along?" "Okay." usually answered the zookeeper. "Occasionally they have a disagreement and we have to get a new monkey."

~ The Story Teller                .

This was his last story 

A Joyous Journey manuscript
by Bernard E. Simonson, Jr. ©2014
photos by Styrous®

In loving memory

Styrous® ~ Monday, May 12, 2014

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