February 10, 2014

Metamorphosis ~ Clothing & Identity opening reception

    photos by Styrous®
K. Lee Manuel feathered collars

Yesterday, Sunday, February 9, 2014, was the opening reception for the exhibition, Metamorphosis ~ Clothing & Identity, now showing at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

The show features designs by many art to wear designers from the historic San Francisco boutique, Obiko. Obiko opened near the Presidio in the mid 1970's but moved a few years later to its first location on Sutter in the late 70's then to it's last location at 794 Sutter Street and Jones, just above Union Square, in Downtown San Francisco, in the early part of the 80's.

Obiko was THE temple of wearable art on the West Coast from the mid 1970's until the death of it's owner, Sandra Sakata, on September 21, 1997, closed it's doors forever. Sakata was the driving force and inspiration for the concept of Obiko. 

From 1980 to it's close in 1997 I produced over 50 fashion shows for Obiko; some of those shows were video taped and one of those shows, Tribal Visions, at Fort Mason, was a central feature of the Metamorphosis exhibition.  

right: Obiko, Tribal Visions video installation by Styrous®;
left: tie sculpture by Isaac Amala and Liz Simpson
(more photos below)

The exhibition is beautifully laid out and the wearable art creations are presented without being jammed together; there is space to really appreciate each and every one of them.

(click on any image to see larger size)

the exhibition was curated by Deborah Corsini . . .

Deborah Corsini

. . . but the photos should do the talking

Angelina De Antonis
Mosaic Bauhous Gypsy - 2007

Angelina De Antonis

Ina Kozel
left photo, on right: Chador for Two Worlds

Marian Clayden                                                                                            Carol Lee Shanks
        on right: bias cut Viennese dress                                             Nomadic Coat with Silk Underdress

Carol Lee Shanks                                                             Ellen Hauptli
 Ellen Hauptli
middle: Red Pleated Dress - 1982

left: Carol Lee Shanks &                                                                     right: Janet Lipkin &
Ellen Hauptli                                                                                   Anna Lisa Hedstrom

Janet Lipkin

Transforming Women - 1992

left: Janet Lipkin                                                                                                      Kay Aranson
Levi's Parrot outfit - 1974                                                                                                      .
from the collection of Levi Strauss & Co., Archives

Wendeanne Ke`aka Stitt                                                               Eva Orsini - Watergate jeans
from the collection of Levi Strauss & Co., Archives

Wendeanne Ke`aka Stitt

Jean Cacecido

Jean Cacecido

Kaffe Fassett
bottom: Red Circles, Basque Jacket (sweater) - 2000

there is an installation of sculptures comprised of men's neckties
created by Isaac Amala and Liz Simpson

Isaac Amala and Liz Simpson

Isaac Amala and Liz Simpson tie sculptures

Isaac Amala and Liz Simpson tie sculptures

K. Lee Manuel
left: Cathy's Dress - 1978

K. Lee Manuel
feathered collar

 K. Lee Manuel
feathered collar

Michael Cepress
For the Man with an Open Heart

the history behind this project was too good to not include

Nancy Youdelman
Betty Potter from the Dearest Allen series

Nancy Youdelman
Betty Potter from the Dearest Allen series

photos by Styrous®

As a saying from those days went,
"Be there or be square!"

January 29, 2014 - April 27, 2014
Metamorphosis: Clothing & Identity

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles 
520 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95113
408.971.0323 x20

Styrous® ~ Monday, February 10, 2014



  1. Thank you for this excellent documentation of this beautiful and fascinating exhibition! Congratulations to ALL who worked to accomplish this wonderful historic review and updating of the artists' work. The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles continues to achieve superb exhibitions that enrich all of our lives! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  2. Thank you for your comment. The Museum did an excellent job of assembling the work of these talented designers and it was a pleasure to work with its curator, Deborah Corsini.

  3. Thank you, Deborah, for a beautiful show sharing Artwear's history, growth and influences on our culture. Thank-you, Max, for many years of documenting Sandra's Fashion Shows and documenting this show. You really captured the feeling of the opening, the design of the display's and the artist's work. Such a great reunion! Janet

  4. Thanks, Janet. It WAS a fun reunion.


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