February 17, 2014

Golden Ring Awards ~ October 2, 1999

As I have observed in previous postings, it is interesting that people and events from various periods of my life have been reappearing in the last two or three years. I was surfing through YouTube a few days ago and discovered an event I was involved with in 1999.

It was early in 1999 that Jeff Adachi approached me about scoring the theme song for the Asian American Arts Foundation's awards ceremony to be held on October 2nd of that year. At that time he was a deputy public defender with the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office. He later became Public Defender of the City and County of San Francisco.

While working on and researching the music for the production I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people. It was a role call of luminaries.

The presentation of awards was captured on video and and I found they now can be seen on YouTube. There are 18 videos in all. Below are links to those videos of the honorees, presenters and performers of that event, the 1999 awards ceremony of the Asian American Arts Foundation.

Enjoy, Styrous®

Links to YouTube urls:

1-18 The Mountain Brothers - performance

2-18 Janice Mirikitani & Willie Brown - Lifetime Achievement Award
Amy Hill, Janice Mirikitani, Mayor Willie Brown, Genevieve Lee

3- 18 Jeff Adachi - Chairman & Producer
Amy Hill, Jeff Adachi

4-18 Tatyana Ali - Emerging Artist Award
Amy Hill, Dante Basco, Fakin'the Funk, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,

5-18 Pearl Ubungen - Film: International Hotel
Amy Hill, Pearl Ubungen, Dance

6-18 Chang Chen Yi - Animation Award
Amy Hill, Gedde Watanabe, Chang Chen-Yi, Mulan

7-18 Ann Carli - Film & Music Producer
Amy Hill, Ben Fong Torres, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Ann Carli

8-18 Julie Plug - performance

9-18 "Remembering Charlie Low"
Amy Hill, Kelvin Han Yee, The Forbidden City Tribute, "Remembering Charlie Low"

10-18 "Remembering Charlie Low" Honored Award
Amy Hill, Pat Suzuki, Charlie Low, Joyce Low, The Forbidden City

11-18 Chris Chan Lee - Asian American Filmmakers
James Shigeta, Miiko Taka, Chris Chan Lee, Yellow

12-18 Mia Wu & Dick Gallagher - performance
Amy Hill, Mia Wu, Dick Gallagher

13-18 Phillip Rhee - Best of the Best
Amy Hill, Robin Shou, Phillip Rhee

14-18 Ming Na - Ana Mae Wong Award
Amy Hill, Rick Yune, Ming Na Wen, Mulan

15-18 - One Vo1ce - performance
Amy Hill, One Vo1ce, What you think about me

16-18 Lou Diamond Phillips - Honor Award
Amy Hill, Lou Diamond Phillips

Styrous® ~ Monday, February 17, 2014

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