June 23, 2016

Bellevue-Staten ~ Art-Deco in Oakland, CA



photos by Styrous® 

The Bellevue-Staten was designed by H.C. Bauman; this well-planned blend of Spanish Colonial and Art Deco is by far the most elegant apartment house ever built in Oakland. Opened to residents in 1929, Its fifteen floors are clothed in rich, warm-red brick; the abstracted Spanish Baroque decorative details are in poured concrete. Along the roof, chess-piece-like finials rise eight feet above the ramparts. The two-story-high lobby has a richly painted, plaster, coffered ceiling, and panels of squirrels eating acorns (symbolic of Oakland) decorate the bronze elevator doors. The original sales brochure described the Bellevue-Staten as the "the last word in ultra-modern Home-Apartment Construction.      

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Styrous® ~ Thursday, June 23, 2016   



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