April 8, 2016

Parsing the iPhone II

My iPhone has proven to be a little more daunting then I had anticipated, so, I decided to take some classes on it. The first class I could find open was on the iPhone camera, so, I figured, well, I've got to start somewhere, that's a good place to start. 

I was at the Apple store bright and early at 10 AM, yesterday, ready and eager to soak up the abundance of knowledge waiting to be poured on me.  

The workshop basically told me what I can't do more than what I can with the camera. It utilizes a lot of filters to get interesting effects, needs various apps to correct the image as well as auxiliary lenses to do stuff.  

I was a little disappointed but now that I know the parameters/limitations, I will work within them to see what I might come up with; maybe even stretch those boundaries a little. I will hold a final decision until I can spend some time fooling around with it. 

Styrous® ~ Friday, April 8, 2016   

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