April 26, 2016

20,000 Vinyl LPs 55: Wildcat ~ Lucille Ball

vinyl LP album cover
photo by Styrous®

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I started the Vinyl LP series because I have a collection of over 20,000 vinyl record albums I am selling; each blog entry is about an album from my collection. Inquire for information here.   

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Lucille Ball died on this date, April 26, 1989, which was a pretty rough year; the Loma Prieta earthquake would shake us back to reality later in October.      

Wildcat is the only Broadway musical Ball stared in. The show opened on December 16, 1960, at the Alvin Theatre. The cast also included Paula Stewart and Swen Swenson, with Valerie Harper among the chorus members. It ran for 171 performances.           

vinyl LP album cover back
photo by Styrous®

Ball played the role of Wildcat "Wildy" Jackson who dreams of striking oil but has neither money nor knowledge to accomplish her goal. She is assisted by Joe Dynamite, played by Keith Andes.

Hey, Look Me Over was a major Top 40 hit and has been performed by Louis Armstrong, Judy Garland, Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, Johnny Mathis, Bobby Short, Gene Krupa, Mel Tormé, Jerry Vale, Julie Wilson and Lucie Arnaz. However, no one ever saying it with as much gusto as did Ball.    

Lucille Ball and Paula Stewart 
Singing, Hey, Look Me Over, from Wildcat 
on the television program 
The Ed Sullivan Show, 1961

vinyl LP side 1 label detail
photo by Styrous®

One of my favorite songs from the musical is You've Come Home sung by Keith Andes. Andes had an amazingly beautiful baritone voice.

photographer unknown

Another of my favorite songs is the happily rollicking tune, What Takes My Fancy, sung by Ball and Don Tomkins.

Lucille Ball and Don Tomkins 
photographer unknown

Then there's the delightful little song, El Sombrero, sung by Ball, Al Lanti and Swen Swenson. What a fun song!          

Swen Swenson, Lucille Ball & Al Lanti
photographer unknown

vinyl LP side 2 label detail
photo by Styrous®



  • Wildcat Jackson—Lucille Ball
  • Jane Jackson--Paula Stewart
  • Sheriff Sam Gore-- Howard Fischer
  • Barney—Ken Ayers
  • Luke—Anthony Saverino
  • Countess Emily O'Brien—Edith King
  • Joe Dynamite--Keith Andes
  • Hank--Clifford David
  • Miguel—HF Green
  • Sookie—Don Tomkins
  • Matt--Charles Braswell
  • Corky—Bill Linton
  • Oney--Swen Swenson
  • Sandy—Ray Mason
  • Tattoo—Bill Walker
  • Cisco—Al Lanti
  • Postman—Bill Richards
  • Inez—Marsha Wagner
  • Blonde—Wendy Nickerson

Composer: Cy Coleman
Producer: George Avakian
Producer: Joe Linhart
Recording Engineer: Ernie Oelrich
Associated Performer: Wildcat Orchestra
Conductor: John Morris
Lyricist: Carolyn Leigh

Net links:      
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Hey, Look Me Over                
Hey, Look Me Over on the Ed Sullivan show
Hey, Look Me Over by Louis Armstrong        
Hey, Look Me Over by Mel Torme        
Hey, Look Me Over by Judy Garland            
What Takes My Fancy               
What Takes My Fancy by Rosemary Clooney           
You've Come Home by Keith Andes                
El Sombrero            

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