March 26, 2016

Pearl Jones-Tranter @ Caffe 817

photography by 
Pearl Jones-Tranter 
@ Caffe 817

photos by Styrous®

Today another cycle of my life came or perhaps will come full circle. Almost every Friday, I go to the Farmer's market in downtown Oakland. We usually stop at the Caffe 817 for a coffee. They show art by local artists there. I was looking at what was up at the moment and I liked the photography being shown enough to go up to the sign to see who was the photographer.  

It turned out to be work by Pearl Jones-Tranter. The name rang a bell but no connection was made until I sat down back at the table with Tom then it hit me. She and Tom had been room-mates when I met him over 40 years ago! 


The exhibition at Caffe 817 is a satellite show of the Digital Art Collective, which is connected with Berkeley City College’s multimedia department. The Social Justice-themed exhibit, Critical Voices, is at The Jerry Adams Gallery, 2050 Center Street in Berkeley                                     


Talk about a blast from the past!

Peal Jones-Tranter on the net:           
Pearl Jones Tranter website                     
Vallejo Museum: 
            “Mare Island in Transition 2005 Through 2009:        
                              Photographs by Pearl Jones Tranter"  
San Francisco Bay Crossings: Shooting Mare Island    
Pearl Jones Tranter at Salon X               
Times Herald: Pearl finds wisdom in 'nude' trees
Digital Artists Collective


Styrous® ~ Friday, March 25, 2016

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