March 11, 2016

Parsing* the iPhone


As of Monday of last week, the iPhone has become a part of my world (see link below). It's almost a couple of weeks since I've had it and I'm realizing how difficult it is to read my blog on a mobile phone. Now, most people are surfing the net with iPhones or Smart phones which means most of them are not checking out this blog for very long, if at all, because the basic format does not fit comfortably.  

I have also realized that since I've always composed this blog on a computer, that is were it looks it's best. This leads me to the conclusion I am going to have to alter my format or something; I'm not sure what at this point. 

Perhaps I will begin composting it on my iPhone. That's an idea I will have to try out; perhaps I'll even start a new blog geared specifically for the iPhone.

It's amazing how life keeps you on your toes, so to speak!

testing out the new eyePhones      

Styrous® ~ Friday, March 11, 2016



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