April 6, 2015

Jerzy Maksymiuk & Józef Skrzek ~ The War of the Worlds (Wojna światów – następne stulecie)


A 1981 Polish film, Wojna światów – następne stulecie, was inspired by the classical novel of H. G. Wells, The War of the Worlds. It was directed by Piotr Szulkin and had its premiere on 20 February 1983 (links to more info below). 
The score for the film was composed by Jerzy Maksymiuk and performed by Józef Skrzek from the progressive rock, Polish group, SBB. And the soundtrack is absolutely STUNNING!  

Jerzy Maksymiuk & Józef Skrzek
front cover
The music ranges from incredibly delicate, quiet and trippy instrumental pieces to the hardest of hard rock and country/western. Most of the music features the incredible sax work of Tomasz Szukalski (links to all the music on YouTube below).

The music

The title track, The War of the Worlds, fades up with snare drums beating out a march beat; an echoey guitar is joined by synthesizers and chimes. About half-way through it really rocks out!  WOW! 

Wojna światów (War of the Worlds) starts with an  eerie synthesizer intro then goes into a very FAST hard rock gallop beat that is breath-taking.    

Jerzy Maksymiuk & Józef Skrzek
back cover

Dla aliny is a quietly dreamy instrumental with processed guitar, sax and electronic effects. The sax playing by Szukalski on this tune puts me in mind of the fantastic work Stan Getz did on Another World (link below) and is indeed, out of this world. 

Szakal is another piece in the dreamy, quiet vein. It is an instrumental duet, once more with sax and synthesizer. It is very calming and beautiful.     

Wonderful sky-ride is the an outrageous hard rock tune with a SUMPTUOUS sax once again played by Szukalski.

Jerzy Maksymiuk & Józef Skrzek

The Gig starts suddenly with a bouncy, syncopated gallop beat that is a great dance song, although, it does mellow out about a minute and a half into it with a great sax instrumental break. Then it goes into a get-right-down-on-it boogie blues with harmonica by Skrzek. Really nice.   

Nieznany list begins with a quiet piano then is joined by synthesizers and chimes. A very lovely tune with vocals that are almost reverent. It goes into dreamy swirls that are guaranteed to make you float away.

Jerzy Maksymiuk & Józef Skrzek

Fade Away is a quality, almost country/western tune that features a nice harmonica, again by Skrzek, with piano backup accompanying the vocal.  

Porno magazin is a funk, hard rock fusion that gets down with some great guitar and synthesizers work. The ending is pretty cool.    
Interception starts suddenly and is fast and furious. The sax goes to it with a fury. Try to dance to this and you get an extreme work-out; no fooling around with this one.   

65th St. Sermon is a hard rock piece. This time the wonderful sax of Szukalski does not appear; too bad, it would have added much to this song. 

Jerzy Maksymiuk & Józef Skrzek

Anna Cichowicz     ...     singer
Bogdan Czyz     ...     singer
Wojciech Gogolewski     ...     conductor
Robert Gola     ...     musician (electric guitar)
Zbigniew Jaremko     ...     singer
Michal Kanclerski     ...     singer
Anna Kielbowicz     ...     singer
Jerzy Maksymiuk     ...     conductor
Jan Skrzek     ...     musician
Józef Skrzek     ...     conductor / musician
Tomasz Szukalski     ...     musician: principal saxophone
Witold Tunkler     ...     singer
Janusz Ziomber     ...     musician (drums)

Internet links:     
Music from The War of the Worlds: Next Century on YouTube:    
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Wojna swiatow (War of the Worlds) (rock version)  
Dla aliny     
Wonderful sky-ride   
Porno magazin  
Nieznany list
65th St. Sermon   

The War of the Worlds: Next Century on Wikipedia    

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