December 27, 2013

1,000,001 CDs Archive

I have over 20,000 vinyl LP albums I am selling (see link below); this archive of compacct discs (CDs) is an extension of that collection. Each blog entry is about a CD from my collection. Contact Styrous® for more information. 
1,000,001 CDs 2: The Flaming Lips ~ Zaireeka
1,000,001 CDs 3: Dalis Car ~ The Waking Hour (30 years later)         
1,000,001 CDs 4: Thoth ~ The Herma: Act One 
1,000,001 CDs 5:  Deerhoof ~ Milk Man & Apple O' 
1,000,001 CDs 6: Thoth ~ Tone Poems of the Festad           
1,000,001 CDs 7: Flaming Lips ~ Do You Realize?? 
1,000,001 CDs 8: Paul McCartney ‎~ Flowers In The Dust World Tour Pack
1,000,001 CDs 9: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 15th Anniversary Collection  

The Flaming Lips ~ Zaireeka
photo by Styrous®

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