September 12, 2013

Burning Man 2003 ~ additions

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I wrote about my 2003 adventure at Burning Man (see link below) but there is some additional info about Burning Man not particularly relating to the 2003 event.

There was a film made about the 2001 Burning Man, Confessions of a Burning Man. The directors and producers were Unsu Lee and Paul Barnett. It is really a fantastic depiction of what the Burning Man experience is all about. It's great to relive the experience but it is especially good for someone who has never been to the event. It really shows the down 'n dirty of Burning Man; no glossing over here. The film is available on iTunes as well as Amazon. Confessions of a Burning Man as well as other Burning Man videos can be seen on YouTube.

There is a sound track album (see credits below) from Confessions of a Burning Man available on Three Sixty Records.

There have been many other films made about Burning Man through the years; a filmography with credits, contact info, etc., can be seen at A Dog and Pony Show.

The Styrous Viewfinder articles on the 2003 Burning Man: Burning Man 2003 ~ intro

Confessions of a Burning Man soundtrack
Label    Three Sixty Records
Release date    15 Oct 2005
Running length    11 tracks
Running time    55:15

1 Darkhorse - Crash & Burn (intro)              3:00    
2 Kdub & Mark Pits - Adaptations                4:51    
3 Balanced output Labs - Like Pleasure       4:42    
4 Darkhorse - Temple Of Tears                    5:39    
5 Darkhorse Deluxe - Six To The Eight        4:51    
6 Runaways UK - Awakenings                      2:37    
7 Fishbunny - Crash & Burn Vocal
   (Vocal version, feat Megan McCoul and
                                     Paulo Manuelle)       4:28
8 Runaways UK - Soul                                  4:31    
9 Darkhorse - A.R.I.A.N 5                             8:26    
10 Darkhorse - Crash & Burn The Burn        4:29    
11 Darkhorse - End Song
    (vocal version, featuring Israel.)               7:41

As I find more info about Burning Man, I'll add it to this blog entry, so, come on back 'n see me again.

"My candle burns at both ends; 
It will not last the night; 
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light!“
                                          -  Edna St. Vincent Millay

Styrous® ~ September 12, 2013

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