August 28, 2013

Burning Man 2003 ~ intro

2003 Burning Man ticket
photo by Styrous®

"You voluntarily assume the risk of serious 
injury or death by attending."
2003 Burning Man ticket
photo by Styrous®

It was ten years ago today, August 28, 2003, that I left to experience the Burning Man phenomenon for the first time. A truly mind-boggling event I'll remember the rest of my life. It was an amazing investigation of art, social interaction and madness. The camp I was with was called, "Fast Furnishings"; we were on Evidence between Literal and Faith (see map).

The photos I'm showing were shot with my first digital camera, a non-high tech "point 'n shoot".  An experiment gone right.

Below are links to a selection of some 
photographs from my encounter 
arranged in categories.

There is no text on any of the pages; 
the focus is on the images.

Each page is viewed best 
in slideshow mode.
(click on SECOND image of each page to start slideshow)


all photographs by Styrous® ©2003


Green links in the articles lead to more information about the article.


Styrous® ~ August 28, 2013

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