April 26, 2013

Beemer Memories Pt. 3 ~ Beginnings

photo by Tim
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Sold my Beemer a couple of days ago. This is a shot of Paulie, the man who bought it. He sent it to me during our emails back and forth, he said, "I'm sitting on a brand new Honda CB450 that my oldest brother, Tim, bought in Hong Kong and brought back on the USS Coral Sea." The photo was taken by his brother. "That photo captured the very beginning of a long love affair with bikes."

Paulie then shot his brother in turn. "Here's another pic, but of him, showing off his bike and his Hong Kong tailor made suit."

Paulie's brother, Tim
photo by Paul

I sent Paulie this one of me taken just after I'd bought my Beemer in 1972. I was so proud and happy to have realized a dream come true after twenty years (see link below).

me circa 1972
photo by John Camp

During our email exchanges, Paulie wrote, "I've had a lifelong love affair with motorcycles. I appreciate the BMW design for its simplicity, quietness, and build quality."

After he bought my Beemer he wrote, "I was happy to meet you and Tom and see people taking art seriously. Photographs are among my greatest treasures, my greatest pleasures. There's so much power there for an image to bring me to tears or to make me laugh or excite me in any way."

Any question why I'm a happy man now?

Paulie and me
photo by Tom White

Thanks, Paulie.
Happy and safe riding.

Styrous® ~ August 26, 2013


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