January 1, 2013

El Graffiti del Raval

photo by Styrous®

The first time I was in Barcelona, in 1989, I was completely enthralled with the fantastic graffiti on the walls of the buildings in the Raval. I've always loved QUALITY graffiti. It was fantastic there!

Some graffiti was painted on the steel security barriers of shops. When the barriers were rolled up during the day, the graffiti was hidden (I thought that extremely clever).

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photo by Styrous®

some shops have even used graffiti as advertising


 photos by Styrous®

I shot as much of the graffiti as I could find but, unfortunately, not as much as I should have. A couple of years before the Olympic Games that Barcelona hosted in 1992, the government of Barcelona cracked down on graffiti and a lot of the good work started to disappear. Add to that, Barcelona levied a fine of €600 for graffiti in 2010. Not many grafiteros wanted to pay the price and the quality of graffiti fell due to having to do the job in a rush which resulted in a lot of sloppy work. The photos here are ones I've found in the Raval.

All photos by Styrous®

 even la Boqueria has it's graffiti

and of course, rappers are reped

El graffiti en el barrio del Raval de Barcelona es maravilloso!

El Barri Gòtic, one of three of the oldest quarters of Barcelona, had some incredible work as well. Those images in a future blog entry.


Styrous® ~ January 1, 2013, 1:50 AM



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