August 15, 2012


       Pagano's display
                photo by Styrous®

Sometimes you find the most wonderfully wacky things at Pagano's.

Pagano's is this great old hardware store in Alameda where you can find practically anything in the world. It's not like modern hardware stores; it's people with real knowledge & experience helping everyone find what they might need. One of the great things about the store is if you need to replace one bolt, you can buy one bolt. You don't need to buy a package of 50 bolts that hangs around forever because you don't want to throw away the package in the event you need one of them again. I can't begin to count the number of hardware clam shell packages I kept for years before finally throwing them away.

It doesn't only have all the many items relating to household repair/maintenance. You can find the most unlikely things there. It has hats you can use on safari as well as other off-the-wall stuff. I found a great pair of muppet-like booties I've worn for years.

 photo by Styrous®

It's just a lot of fun to go in, browse around and see what strange items you might find. They even have popcorn on Fridays. 

Styrous® ~ August 15, 2012


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