September 13, 2009

Styrous® reviewed

   Bride Chic review ~ August 13, 2012 

Welcome to "Spain Week" where we'll be looking at some talent from this warm, sunny and incredibly fashionable country.  Taking up where we left off on Friday, I pointed up that Spanish bridal wear is exciting for two juxtaposing ideas: modesty as well as flamboyance.  Today we're going a step further, celebrating fashion photography and the work of Styrous who disappears to Spain every so often (sometimes I swear it's his second home) bringing back stunning images like these. 

Alameda Sun review:

"Nuclear Tree Shadow" by Styrous® evokes a possible future.

His oblique branches photographed in a burning sky have a fearsome kind of beauty. His abstraction, "Window on the Void", describes the uncertainty of our season of awareness in the midst of global changes."


Mercury News review:

"We also stopped to look closely at the photograph, “Open", by Styrous®. I found it stark but somehow warm and Bonnie just had nothing but praise for it."
- Laura Casey




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