October 21, 2018

Betty Jo Costanzo ~ Portals opening

The ages old technique of oil painting has been given a modern boost with the video-based paintings of Betty Jo Costanzo. Her work showed at the Gray Loft Gallery last night with the opening of her solo exhibition, Portals, a multimedia video installation based on her series TimeSCAPES and abstract paintings created in response to the movement and images of the videos she has created.  

Showing until
November 17, 2018

photos by

October 20 - November 17, 2018
The Gray Loft Gallery 
2889 Ford Street, #32
Oakland, CA 94601


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Betty Jo Costanzo         
Gray Loft Gallery            
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Betty Jo Costanzo         
Gray Loft Gallery      

Styrous® ~ Sunday, October 21, 2018       

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