November 16, 2016

Gray Loft Gallery ~ Figure closing reception


Closing reception & wine tasting

   Saturday, November 19 
1 to 5 pm


"Figure, a group show that celebrates figurative art, paintings, includes ink drawings, watercolors, photography and mixed media abstractions of the figure. “The use of line, symbolic color, and an abstracted compositional flat space, illuminate underlying culture and the human condition. Beyond portraiture, figurative paintings have sought to distill imagery to an abstract system which conveys elements of power, tension, and resolution.” ~ Jan Wurm"   

Featured Artists:
Jeffrey Abrahams  |  Gabriele Bungardt  |  Mark Eanes  |  Lin Fischer
Nathaniel Garcia  |  Cliff Gustafson  |  James Hartman  |  Lara Hoke
Betsy Kendall  |   Susan Matthews  |  Lynn McGeever  |  Janet Norris
Gordon Pagnello   |  Jude Pittman  |  Claire Rabkin  |  Fernando Reyes
Mary Robinson  |  Styrous  |  Tom White  |  Jan Wurm  |  Elena Zolotnitsky

Gray Loft Gallery
2889 Ford Street, third floor
Oakand, CA 94601

Styrous® ~ Wednesday, November 18, 2016


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