January 14, 2016

On TV 3: Ken Van Sickle on PBS

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Tonight, PBS did an interview with photographer, Ken Van Sickle. I had seen only one of his photos before but didn't know it was his. The program introduced him, his photography and his philosophy to me. It was a fascinating segment.     


screenshot by Styrous®

his images are amazing

 Chet Baker,
screenshot by Styrous®

The Regular
screenshot by Styrous®

Washington Square Snow, 1962
screenshot by Styrous®

Grand Central Station
screenshot by Styrous®

screenshot by Styrous®

Elana Eda Rubinfeld has eloquently stated: 
"Ken Van Sickle's photographs seem like old friends; they make me imagine what it would be like to stay up late in Parisian cafes in the mid-1950's, or to spend time in Warhol's New York studio in the early 1960's."    

Net links:        
Ken Van Sickle website    
article on PBS        
Styrous® ~ Thursday, January 14, 2016  

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