July 11, 2015

Barcelona ~ Vendrell @ 70

I am 75 years old today. WOW! 
How did this happen?

I woke up this morning and, as I usually do, lay in bed contemplating what I need to do for the day, my life, etc., what was, what is, etc., all the things one does to pull it together. I thought about the many wonderful birthdays I’ve had and played a game of which one was the one I like the best. I realized there were too many to choose from so I picked the one five years ago. And why it is so special for me is that I spent a lot of the day alone doing what I love most, taking photos. On my birthday, that has never happened.  

I was in Barcelona and a friend of ours invited us to go to Bisbal in Tarragona for the weekend, so we did. The party (one to beat the band) was on Saturday. The next morning I woke up at 6 AM and decided I want to explore on my own. I took the car and discovered El Vendrell.

I found a beautiful town with all the things that make one special. This one had murals painted everywhere, all the touches of an old past, the required church, they had discovered recycling to art and they were in the now.       

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Yeah, it was a great one!

 Styrous® ~ Saturday, July 11, 2015

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