August 19, 2014

Los Barrenderos ~ Los ángeles de Barcelona, España

Los Barrenderos

photos by Styrous®

There are many miraculous things that happen in Barcelona; one of them is the vast army of barrenderos (street sweepers) that scour the streets which are filled with the trash and litter of every day life and they are there to set things right again. 

It is live theater being performed in the streets for the whole world to enjoy, if the world takes the time and is inclined to do so. The actions, motions and demeanor of the barrenderos are akin to those seen during a dance or a bullfight.  It is beauty in motion. 

They have pretty cool vehicles from tiny jobs to big monsters. 
The amazing thing is they are kept beautifully clean as well.

It is fascinating to watch them use the huge scoops they sweep the debris into.

everything is washed down, even the trees

Carrer Carme y La Rambla

But the real theater happens at night while the city sleeps . . . 

Styrous® ~ Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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