July 27, 2014

Unexpected Fun ~ July, 2014: 30th Annual Alameda Park Street Art & Wine Faire

I love the unexpected pleasures life throws at you from time to time. I had one yesterday. I had no plans for the day at all. I ran to the super to mail a package and pick up a few items; on the way back, I ran into friend and fellow photographer, Chuck DiGuida. He asked me if I was going to the Park Street Art & Wine Faire. I had to confess I hadn't even known about it. When we parted, I had no intention of going to the fair but when I got to the corner on the way to the bridge that crosses into Oakland, I looked up the street and saw it was only a couple of blocks up; I figured it was so close I might as well check it out. This is what I saw.

photos by Styrous®

of course, there was food to eat

Giant Big A$$ Sausage

Killer Baking Company


a statue reminiscent of Barcelona

The Alameda Theater

& people

Christine & friend

lots of 'em

there was music to hear

and stuff for kids
(this was my favorite part)

Frog Hopper

it was fun watching the kids enjoy the rides

the kids had to take off their shoes . . . .

Park Street's 30th Annual Art & Wine Faire

Thanks, Chuck, I never would have had so much fun if you hadn't told me. Greatly appreciated.

Styrous® ~ Sunday, July 27, 2014

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