February 3, 2013

photo de/re-constructions

I am experimenting with photo manipulation in what I call, “photo de/re-construction”; deconstructing photos I've shot over the years and re-assembling elements from each in a different way. 

Next, in my printing process, I use ink, thermal dye-transfer, over-printing and other methods, layer on top of layer or juxtaposed. I'm also experimenting with using materials other than traditional photographic paper to print on. 

I’m having fun with this stuff at the moment.

(click on any image to see larger size)
Sebastian installation
photo by Styrous®

ink, dye transfer, over-print & UV glaze
on watercolor paper

other de/re-constructions:



"Mauve Mechanics: 
a pair of equal and parallel forces 
acting in opposite directions, 
and tending to cause rotation about an axis 
perpendicular to the plane containing them."

 "Martini Dream"

 These de/re-constructions can be seen in the exhibition
currently showing at the
Clock Tower Studio/Gallery in Oakland, California
from February 1 to March 23, 2013

Styrous® ~ February 3, 2013


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