December 30, 2012

20,000 Vinyl LPs 16: Jack Scott and the birth of Stereo Pt 3

photo of album cover by Styrous® made a comment on my blog entry, Jack Scott and the birth of Stereo Pt. 1

It had such good information in it, I decided it needed to be more than just a footnote to a blog entry, so, I am reproducing it in its entirety (unedited but with links to his references) as an update to my two previous Jack Scott entries:

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20,000 Vinyl LPs 11: Jack Scott & the birth of Stereo Pt. 2

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Anonymous December 27, 2012 2:43 PM

12/27/12 wrote:
Yes, Jack Scott's first album on Carlton Records is great in true stereo (if you can find it; mono copies of this album are more common),but I hate to burst your bubble with this information:only ten of the twelve tracks are actually in true stereo. If you have a pair of headphones handy the next time you hear this stereo album,"My True Love" and "Leroy" are actually in fake electronic stereo! This single was probably recorded in mono before the rest of the album was recorded, and was issued as a single about three months before the album's arrival. Other than that, the rest of the album is most certainly in true stereo. And after the Carlton label went out of business in 1963, the stero master tapes were considered MIA for decades after that. Not even Jack Scott himself knew what happened to the stereo master tapes went to when a fan asked him about it in 1984. They were finally re-located around 1998,to be issued on a couple of stereo C.D.'s afterwards, about four decades of being lost. Two other rock-related true stereo albums from around this period were noteworthy: Duane Eddy's "Have Twangy Guitar, Will Travel" (with seven songs in tue stereo),and "The Teddy Bears' Sing" Album,released on Imperial Records(which caused Phil Spector to despise true stereo afterwards after listening to the results; he preferred to record his songs in mono.)

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