October 31, 2012

20,000 Vinyl LPs 13: The Family Dogg update

The Family Dogg, 1973
Steve Rowland on the right

I have great news about the article I wrote, 20,000 Vinyl LPs 15: The Family Dogg & Sixto Rodriguez. Steve Rowland read it, liked it and contacted me. We exchanged emails in the course of which I told him I would like to do a tribute to the group using images set to one of the songs on the album, Riker's Island. Steve said he would like that so I made the video and uploaded it to YouTube where it can be seen.

After he saw the video, he wrote to me:





Thanks to the Family Dogg for bringing the conditions on Riker's Island into the open. The sad fact is that the song was written in 1972, forty years ago, but the violence continues on to this day. Witness these disturbing images in an article, Rikers Violence: Out Of Control, written By Graham Rayman on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 in the Village Voice; and  numerous articles about mayhem at Riker's written by others in The Voice.

The Family Dogg has an official channel on YouTube.

Styrous® ~ October 31, 2012


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