January 25, 2012

Lee Malone and Converse

Lee Malone has been chosen by Converse to go to it's recording studio, Rubbertracks, in Brooklyn, NY to record an EP. They successfully completed a Kickstarter project this month to fund this project and to help get them there.

Lee Malone began as a rad musical duo from Oakland California. Sivan Gur-Arieh and Chris Daddio write and record lo-fi indie-pop gems; surreal dreamscapes of epic proportions painted in layers of strings, guitars and harmonies. The group includes Bill Cameron on guitar, Tatiana on viola, Celia Harris on violin, Brandon Werlin on drums and bassist, Kevin White.

Their first 11-song album is "Poor Malone Dies", written and recorded entirely in Chris and Sivan's kitchen. It has not been released to the public yet, but a few singles can be freely downloaded from their Facebook profile.

Born in Berkeley, California, Sivan Gur-Arieh was educated at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem where she studied painting and sculpture. From there she went to Columbia College – Chicago, earning a Masters degree in Writing and Directing film. She is also an accomplished musician and music plays an integral part in her life and films. Her ultra-low budget music video for the Bobby Conn song “We Come In Peace” aired repeatedly on MTV Europe. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is crafting experimental films, directing music videos, recording music and finishing a feature screenplay.

The photos by Styrous® are from a performance at The Rite Spot in San Francisco on September 11, 2011.

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Lee Malone
photo by Styrous®

Sivan Gur-Arieh Chris Daddio
photos by Styrous®

Celia Harris, Tatiana and Bill Cameron
photo by Styrous®

Celia Harris
photo by Styrous®

Tatiana and Bill Cameron
photo by Styrous®

Sivan Gur-Arieh and Chris Daddio
photo by Styrous®


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Congratulations to Lee Malone.

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